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Traveling light in Germany with dresses

I just returned from a delightful trip to Germany with my daughter Helene. We spent a few days in Berlin, then drove, via the fairy-tale-picture-book castle city of Schwerin, along the prettiest country roads you can imagine, to a very small island in the North Sea called Hallig Langeness where my grandfather, who was an artist of some note in the region, and grandmother, Helene’s namesake, are buried. Then, on to Hamburg where we spent the weekend with dear friends before heading back to Berlin to catch our flights home. Such a short and varied trip called for light travel, because, in my opinion, there is nothing worse than a. a checked bag NOT making it to its destination and b. having to lug that big bag around. I wore A DELLA DRESS every day (including on the flights) save two: once due to a cold, blustery rainstorm on the early morning ferry departure from the island in the North Sea(very necessary), and once when the weather felt cool in the morning, but turned gloriously warm (I regret that since I missed the opportunity for a good Della Dress photo op in the darling historic city of Lubeck). A suggestion if you decide to travel with dresses: pack a warm wool sweater. I didn’t but was lucky enough to borrow one from our friends on a chilly day touring and biking around Hamburg. Sperry topsiders and a cute local companion are optional, but highly recommended! The Sample Sale continues! Visit to take a look. Cheers, Andrea

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