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‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ Leonardo da Vinci


A DELLA DRESS is inspired by the simple, body skimming, knee-length A-line dresses from the 1960’s, because they were universally flattering, effortless, versatile and chic!  Jacqueline Kennedy made easy elegance fashionable in hers; Twiggy made them mod.  Mary Quant, Marimekko, and Lilly Pulitzer made dressing exuberant, fun and sensational! Women of all ages looked sporty, smart and ladylike.


We have updated this classic look for the 21st Century; familiar and appealing to the women who loved them then and a fresh easy style for those discovering them for the first time!

Unable to replace a vintage Marimekko dress that was a staple when she was a young mother, Andrea Dyke of A DELLA DRESS decided to design her own. Selecting fabrics that complimented the sunny, beachy Southern California landscape surrounding her, she started sewing dresses for herself at her Pacific Palisades dining room table. Encouraged by family and friends, she assembled a team of professional designers, artists, pattern makers, graders, cutters, sewers, and American textile mills, turning her hobby into a business. Since launching her first collection in 2011, women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and professions have bought, and wear, 








Andrea Dyke


We make A-line dresses with a minimalist, practical, and fun aesthetic

in collections of bold, neutral, and classic woven fabrics inspired by the light and sights of California.

The sturdy fabrics we favor, make them a utilitarian yet elevated everyday basic.

They don’t cling or wilt in hot weather since air is able to circulate, while insulating as it (or air conditioning) cools.

Simple ‘over the head and GO’ ease, makes dressing a breeze. 

Lightweight linens and cottons lend themselves well to our oversized, midi and maxi length designs and nightshirt as the extra fabric stands away from the body creating a graceful 'swishy' silhouette.

Pockets and Sash Belts are options.

Durable workmanship means they will last a very long time.

They are excellent travel dresses.

In 2023 we introduced the Après Surf Suit for men, and women, inspired by Cabana Suits from the 1960's, honoring our California Heritage and updated with a more modern silhouette.

Designed for women (and men) of all ages, many shapes, and most sizes.

We are very proud that A DELLA DRESS is designed, sourced, cut and sewn in Los Angeles

in the most sustainable, ethical way possible.

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