Strolling along the shore during the Low Tide is a refuge for many of us here in Los Angeles, and never more so than  during the extreme lockdowns this past winter that shuttered gyms, pools, parks, and other public places.


It has now become one of my favorite ways to exercise, get fresh air, and catch up with friends and family. 


The ocean roar is always soothing, sand between the toes bracing, especially on chilly afternoons, dolphin sightings exciting and the hilarious antics of the little sandpipers skittering to and fro in the foam make for laugh out loud entertainment.

This collection honors the joy and sense of peace the California seaside gives us, especially during difficult times.

We are a Made to Order operation, meaning we do not start production until you place an order; we do not carry an inventory.  This allows you to customize your order.

Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

A DELLA DRESS is proudly designed, sourced, cut, and sewn in Los Angeles.



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