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Who remembers Cabana Suits?

March 23, 2023

Back in the early 1960’s, my Dad and brothers

wore Cabana Suits…a matching short and shirt set in fun lightweight cotton prints lined in terry cloth.

My Dad wore his constantly while puttering in his work shop, chopping wood, and relaxing at our cottage at Victoria Beach, and my brothers would slip into theirs after long days of swimming, playing in the sand, and generally getting into mischief. I thought they looked chic, fabulous, and cozy. With the help of my millennial sons, Lance and Sudsy, we have designed an updated version that we are calling the Après Surf Suit, in honor of our California Heritage. They, and my husband Rhos, have been road testing them for the past couple of years and they passed with flying colors! We will be offering them to order soon!


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