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+ Sudsy = SWELL Property Management

Meet my son Sutherland

(better known as Sudsy).

He was born on my 30thBirthday and we are pictured here celebrating our 30/60 at the Hotel Bel Air at tea time.

Sudsy graduated from Palisades High School in 2007, West Point in 2012, and served in the US Army, retiring from active duty in 2017 following deployments to Afghanistan, Kuwait, South Korea, and Germany.

Since then, he has worked in the real estate, property management and construction world and started his own company

SWELL Property Management LLC

Harnessing the discipline and leadership he learned in the military, and skills mastered while working with luxury home owners and on construction projects, SWELL offers a 3 tier service structure to lend a hand in managing your high end homes in the Los Angeles area.

I have helped him along the way…looking pretty chic doing so in my

A DELLA DRESS wardrobe:)

(The NEW! Low Tide Collection will debut shortly)

Please visit his website:





forward this email to anyone you think might be interested in SWELL services.

You won’t regret it

because Sudsy is not only very good at what he does, he is great fun to work with!




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