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Nightshirt for Long Winter Naps!

November 11, 2021


is my new nightshirt design similar to a J Peterman version that I have been wearing for years called ‘What Marie Antoinette wore to Bed’ but now discontinued.

I lassooed my son Lance into modeling it with me to demonstrate how inclusive my one size/two lengths truly is.

A SNOOZE can now be ordered in special fabrics, pictured below, to ensure long nights and holiday festivities are cozy and co-ordinated!


One Size

Chest = 53” all around

Sleeve length = 20.5”

Collar to Shoulder = 7.5”

Placket = 8” with 4 buttons

Two lengths

Regular = 40” from high point shoulder as shown on yours truly who is 5’4".

Long = 46” from high point shoulder as on Lance who is 5’11”.


Snow Bank (pictured)

100% lightweight chino cotton

Northern Lights + Hockey Socks

100% cotton flannel


$195.00 each

(10% discount on 2 or more)


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