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Introducing: A SNOOZE!

April 8, 2021

Since the mid 1990’s, I have been wearing nightshirts known as

‘What Marie Antoinette Wore to Bed’

from J Peterman,

the quirky catalogue with such well written copy, you ordered the item just so you could BE the person they describe wearing their clothes

(visit to see what I mean).

According to the scribes at Peterman, Marie preferred the honest simplicity of a well-made white nightshirt (such as the one they were selling) and longed to slip into it after a day of frippery at Versaille.

Alas, they stopped selling it over a year ago, and in my desperation for replacements, asked my pattern maker to create a copy (no need to re-invent something that is already close to perfect, in my view, although we did make some improvements).

A DELLA DRESS invites you to join Marie and I in discovering the joys of an excellent nightshirt that we are calling:


available in 'Foam' from the Low Tide Collection

100% white chino cotton

(softer and denser than Peterman’s poplin)

clean seams

(sturdier construction that Peterman's)

4 button placket

(heftier buttons and fuse than the original)

shirttail hem

(means you could wear it on the street and not be mistaken for Wee Willy Winky)

Individually hand cut and sewn in Los Angeles

(not mass produced overseas)

One size fits all


order online



visit the Atelier in Pacific Palisades


respond to this email.

Sleep well!



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