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Holiday Production

The super soft white cotton chino I have been using for A SNOOZE nightshirt is discontinued and I bought as much as my New York source had left at a discount and ordered a ‘small production’, which means several are cut at once.

As a result, I can offer them at a substantial discount

(as opposed to my standard Made to Order model where one garment is cut at a time allowing for customization and preventing a buildup of inventory…I don’t mind extra nightshirts because I will wear them myself if you don’t buy them:)).

One Size

Two Lengths

100% Cotton

Regular $195.00

HOLIDAY 2023 $140.00

They are a perfect gift for the holidays!

Order NOW for delivery in time for Hanukkah


No later than November 30 for Christmas.


or respond to this email



As a direct to consumer operation, we appreciate it when you forward this email to people you know who might be interested in the products we offer here at A DELLA DRESS! Thank you!


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