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For old guys that don't surf

April 27, 2023

My husband Rhos recently returned from an arduous 2 week business trip to India and England (including a day trip to Sweden). He was exhausted!

Luckily his return coordinated with a pre-planned trip to one of our favorite get away spots in La Jolla where he happily lounged on the beach and chatted up surfers in the Aprés Surf Suits he had ordered last year already, after spending the entire summer at Victoria Beach in a sample we had made for him. One is quite simply not enough, he declared:

'I can’t surf, but I do love the sun and sand – and above all – lounging in my ADD Aprés Surf Suit…reading, enjoying a cocktail, smoking a cigar, or simply doing nothing at all!. The loose fit and terry lining make it THE most comfortable thing to wear when it’s warm and sticky outside'!

Please visit our website for more images and information on sizing OR

Schedule a fitting by responding to this email or

calling 310-717-6218.

Dresses can be ordered through May 11.

The Après Surf Suit is available to order through May 4th ONLY since it takes a great deal more time and skill to cut and sew compared to dresses.

Expect delivery before Memorial Day.

Orders will resume in October when I return from Victoria Beach.



As a direct to consumer operation, we appreciate it when you forward this email to people you know who might be interested in the products we offer here at A DELLA DRESS! Thank you!


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