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Alexa is a quintessential California Girl!

April 13, 2023

Blonde hair, blue eyes, cute as can be, fit, stylish, born, and raised in Manhattan Beach two blocks from the beach. She can’t remember a time when she WASN’T waxing her board in preparation for a surf whenever the waves looked good enough to ride.

She is also an endodontist in practice with her father in Beverly Hills ( Her root canals are what all of us who have had them dream of: fast, efficient and painless. I know because she gave me one a few weeks ago and I highly recommend her if you are in need.

These pictures give you a great idea of what the terry cloth lining looks like.

Also the shorts with their 2” wide elastic waist (which can be customized) with drawstring cord and 3 button fly (necessary for men, not so much for women).

The size small shorts fit Alexa perfectly and the shirt is slightly oversized. She says this about it:

"I love being able to throw on my Après Surf Suit to dry off after getting out of my wetsuit. It warms me right up and stays on better than a has such a cute vintage chic look!"

Visit our updated website for more images and information on sizing


Schedule a fitting by responding to this email or

calling 310-717-6218.

The Après Surf Suit is available to order through May 4th ONLY since it takes a great deal more time and skill to cut and sew compared to dresses. Expect delivery before Memorial Day.

Orders will resume in October when I return from Victoria Beach.




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