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Coming Soon!

Hello my friends! For the past few months I have been experimenting with my shirtdress pattern: adjusting the cut to give it a more modern oversized fit. Gone are the bust and back darts, with a bit of fabric added to the back piece, allowing the dress to fall gracefully from the shoulders, giving it all around swingy silhouette. Remaining are the 37” length (falling just above the knee ie. not too short), ¾ sleeves, crisp collar and cuffs, and sturdy fabrics in bold, neutral, and classic woven fabrics making it a utilitarian yet elevated everyday basic. Inseam pockets and a self-belt will automatically be included. Sizing for this v.2 shirt will change to 0, 1, and 2. I am pictured above in one of my prototypes (in a fabric I call ‘Rain’), a size 2, the equivalent of large/extra large. Those who wear regular small and medium find size 1 a roomy fit…and some have embraced this new ‘lewk’ in a size 2 as well. Size 0 is oversized on one of my teeniest friends. The Santa Monica Bay collection is coming soon and I will be taking ‘pre-orders’ for this new style which will enable me to go into a ‘small production’ and thereby offer them at a discount. As ever, it can be custom made if you wish to make changes. All existing DELLA DRESS styles, sizes, fabrics, and tailoring options continue to be available by special order…whenever you need one. Cheers! Andrea

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