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I hear you!

Matka Silk has been A Della Dress favorite since 2012 because it drapes beautifully, doesn’t wrinkle, packs easily, and is suitable for multiple occasions. Last winter, these three graces modeled Matka Silk dresses and dusters with 2 types of lining: polka dot rayon and whisper weight 100% china silk. The polka dot rayon got rave reviews for the dusters, but some of you mentioned that you got a bit overheated in the dresses. Dresses lined in the china silk, by contrast, got top marks all around…all year long; my friend Evette told me that she wore her Matka shift lined in china silk out for dinner during our LA heat wave this past summer and didn’t break a sweat! So, now we know! Available in multiple colors, all year round. THANK YOU for sharing your Della Dress stories! Andrea

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