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Pre-Fall is a Thing

Yes, Pre-Fall is actually a term in the fashion industry; used as a reminder, now that it’s August, that Autumn is around the corner. In Los Angeles, Fall means that temperatures start soaring as it is the official start of Santa Ana season, but in the rest of the country, Canada and Europe, it’s time to think about pulling out the woolens….and A DELLA DRESS linens! Ours is a nice sturdy 10-ounce linen, and perfect for shoulder seasons. I wore my smock in ‘The Bluffs’ and shirt in ‘Santa Monica Mountains’ often in the Spring, plan to do so come fall when I head up to Canada to close up my cottage…and then all winter long here in LA. This linen makes excellent dusters as well…and DO consider it for holiday napkins, lapkins, and tea towels. Many other Fall Colors are available upon request. Cheers, Andrea

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