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Fit, Hangers, + Seasons Greetings

Some of you have commented how delighted you are that our DELLA DRESSES fit so well, even though they don't always look their best on a hanger. The reason for this is because yours truly is, what is known in fashion industry language, the 'fit model'. What does that mean? It means that my measurements, as a normal everyday size 12-14 large woman with broad shoulders, chest and hips, determine the proportions of all the other sizes. This is unlike many other designers whose fit models are often a size 2 with narrow frames, so that when the dresses are graded up for larger sizes, they reflect waif like silhouettes, that looks great on hangers, but rarely fit the average woman. This recent article in the Wall Street Journal illustrates how challenging it is, even for the most seasoned designers, to get Fit right. Here I am with my family, (wearing A DELLA DRESS, of course, when we still had our Pug, Podgy whom passed away this March at age 17) Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Cheers, Andrea

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