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To the Rescue

I started sewing dresses for myself at my dining room table many years ago for the simple reason that I was unable to find anything on the market that I liked or fit comfortably like the dresses I wore as a young Mum in the 1990's. Armholes were too high and tight, cuts too close, fabrics too thin, stretchy, clingy; not natural. A recent article in the Washington Post shows that those of us who have felt this way are not alone: FEAR NOT! A DELLA DRESS has made it a mission to offer modern yet classic wardrobe staple dresses in 3 styles that are timeless, minimalist, easygoing, fresh and chic. We are best known for our sturdy cotton fabrics that breathe and make the wearer feel tucked in and secure; They are opaque, hold their shape, won't cling or wilt, and will soften and fade gently over time like a favorite pair of jeans. NO SPANX REQUIRED! They hold up brilliantly in coolish California and hot and humid New York. Best of all, they are Made to Order using sustainable and Fair Labor practices right here in downtown Los Angeles. Here's

s to you this Labor Day Weekend! Thank you so much for your support -Andrea

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